MySQL Website Hit by SQL Injection Attack

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According to several reports appearing Monday, the website, belonging to Oracle, was compromised over the weekend by a pair of Romania-based hackers, who published usernames and passwords for some users of the site.

The hackers calling themselves “TinKode” and “Ne0h” took credit for the attack, saying they had used a SQL injection attack to access a list of domains that included,,, and

A report posted Tuesday on eWeek said the same two hackers had compromised several subdomains of, another Oracle property. The article links a blog on Baywords, operated by TinKode, which provides more details on the compromised sites.  

Following the original attack, the hackers posted a dump of stolen information on Pastebin, including passwords for a group of MySQL database users on the server, as well as the admin passwords for the corporate blogs of two former employees, Robin Schumacher and Kaj Arno. Neither blog had been recently updated.

Oracle acquired both and in its acquisition of Sun Microsystems in 2009. The company has reportedly yet to issue any public statement on the compromise of either domain.

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  1. Bull-shiese

    all lies. True hackers are good people, and don't brag about anything like that. you people need to get your story straight. i believe it's just another cover-up for the government to get away with their dirty deeds!