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IT Monitoring Solution Anturis Adds Parallels Plesk Integration

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The latest version of IT infrastructure monitoring and troubleshooting service Anturis has added Parallels Plesk Panel integration, making it easy for Plesk Panel users to get insight into their system’s operating metrics and troubleshoot complex issues.

Anturis provides dashboards designed to allow users to easily zoom into a problem, visually check abnormal behavior and spot correlations between different metrics. They can be used to compare the graphs of all system resources and applications, as well as graphs of external Web monitors.

The launch of Anturis Version 1.4 and its Plesk Panel plugin this week means Anturis now supports the most popular control panels, having already supported integration with control panels cPanel and WHM.

“With Version 1.4, web hosters and website administrators who are using Parallels Plesk are now able to benefit from the simplicity of our cloud-based solution,” Anturis CEO Sergey Nevstruev said in a statement. “As simple as creating or logging in to their account, Anturis Version 1.4 with Parallels Plesk integration, now only takes minutes to set up and start monitoring all of a customer’s servers and software.”

Aimed at providing affordable monitoring to small and medium-sized businesses, making it simple to setup is crucial for its intended customers.

Anturis Version 1.4 also adds some other improvements including more responsive and faster graphs, a re-worked graph UI, better back-end performance, and optimized fail detection algorithm with improved false alerts filtering.

Anturis launched commercially last year, and recently received $2 million in Series A funding.

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