Monitoring Firm CopperEgg Secures $2 Million in Funding, Releases RevealCloud

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Performance monitoring firm CopperEgg ( announced earlier this week that it has received $2 million in Series A funding and launched its SaaS-based performance monitoring solution RevealCloud.

Cloud services have been a hot commodity for investors recently. Earlier this week, monitoring and security firm CloudFlare raised $20 million in funding.

According to the press release, RevealCloud helps companies accelerate the delivery of applications and services across public and private clouds.

CopperEgg launched RevealStorage earlier this year, a performance monitoring solution that optimizes the efficiency of data center resources, according to the company.

Silverton Partners led the investment round, CopperEgg says. Kip McClanahan and Morgan Flager have been appointed to CopperEgg’s board of directors as part of the deal.

According to the press release, RevealCloud monitors the operating and performance metrics to allow users to accelerate time to market during the development. CopperEgg says RevealCloud also optimizes deployments to customer usage patterns and identify early signs of service degradation.

“In a world where a few minutes of downtime can translate into millions of dollars in lost revenue, companies can no longer afford to stand by passively, wondering how their applications and services are performing in the cloud until they hear it from a customer,” Chad Bockius, CEO of Socialware said in a statement. “RevealCloud provides an invaluable cloud performance monitoring solution for companies who use the cloud to deliver customer facing applications, host their own critical IT services, or need visibility across both environments simultaneously.”

CopperEgg says that compared to other performance monitoring solutions that poll in 1-5 minute intervals, RevealCloud does it in seconds.

According to CopperEgg, RevealCloud and RevealStorage will provide its customer end-to-end monitoring from the cloud to the data center.  

“It’s exciting that CopperEgg is willing to prove its value to customers by delivering a real product for free,” Kip McClanahan with Silverton Partners stated. “I’m thrilled to be working closely with such a talented team that is passionate about using an innovative model to bring next-generation IT management services to market.”

The standard edition of RevealCloud is available for free. CopperEgg says that it will make advanced features available on a tiered-pricing basis.

This kind of pricing model is fairly standard, particularly for start-ups like CopperEgg. CloudFlare uses a similar structure.

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