Moboom Taps Responsive and Adaptive Design for New Website Builder and CMS

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Moboom announced on Tuesday that it has launched a development tool and content management system, Moboom3, that brings together responsive and adaptive design approaches for users to create websites that work across a broad range of devices, even ones that haven’t been created yet.

“I think we get lumped in to a broader website builder and CMS space but we feel like what we’re doing is very unique,” Moboom COO Jef Rice said. “There aren’t really any companies out there that have decided that they’re going to take on the problems that are inherent in the responsive approach.”

Rice said that Moboom’s target customer is really anyone who is building a website from enterprises to resellers. Its free version includes ads and a Moboom domain, but the paid version, for $228/year or $29/month is ads-free and includes a custom domain.

“One of the things that we’ve really focused in on that makes us really different than your typical off the shelf CMS is that we’ve got a very well-tuned render engine behind our platform that takes a site designed in our studio and renders it in a completely new way,” he said. “So rather than your typical scripting process that spits a site out from top to bottom, left to right, we have the ability to do massive parallel processing in the page itself and render that site in speeds that we’re seeing, anywhere from 10 to 100 times faster than a normal website.”

All Moboom sites are hosted in its cloud environment, according to Rice.

“We’ve built tens of thousands of websites with our partners over the past five years and one of the things we’ve found through that experience is there is just a lot of stuff that developers just don’t really want to do and one of those things is worrying about hosting: keeping their servers up all the time, making sure that they are secure, and that they are using not only the latest and greatest not only technology but techniques,” Rice said.

One of the unique features to Moboom is that unlike WordPress or other platforms like Drupal or Joomla, where you have to build plugins for the platform in a specfic language, Moboom allows developers to write plugins in any language.

“A big piece of what we’re offering based on our experience is high throughput, high availability sites, as well as one of the things we really focus in on is future proof and creating the correct separation between content and structure,” Rice said. “There are lots of people that are talking about this in the world especially with the idea that content marketing is becoming a bigger focus. One of the things we wanted to do is create this separation that allows the content to be in a separate database or in a CMS but really a separation where you are laying these pages out based on these devices. That’s a concept called adaptive content, and that’s one of the things we have that makes it very easy for you to when a new device comes on the scene, and this year is a great example because everyone is speculating what that new device might be. Is it going to be a wearable one? Is it going to be Google Glass or a watch?”

On Wednesday, Moboom will be hosting a conference in San Francisco focused on Responsive Web Trends, featuring keynote speaker Jason Grigsby, co-founder of CloudFour and author of Head First Mobile Web.

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