Mobile Commerce Provider Shopgate Acquires Magento Developer MagCorp

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Mobile commerce provider Shopgate announced on Monday that it has acquired Magento developer MagCorp, according to a report by TechCrunch. The amount of the acquisition has not been disclosed.

The deal will see MagCorp’s four developers join Shopgate’s team in Butzback, Germany. Its developers have extensive experience in building Magento-based ecommerce sites, so this acquisition could be considered more of an acqui-hire.

Shopgate helps merchants build a mobile storefront and integrates with ecommerce and shopping cart APIs including Magento. Shopgate will use this deal to extend its Magento integration and focus on its Magento Enterprise offering.

Shopgate has over 5,200 shops using its platform, and more than 4,200 shopping apps have been created as of November 2013, according to TechCrunch.

So far, Shopgate has raised $9.4 million in total funding.

Several companies have bolstered their Magento offerings recently. Last week, Tenzing Managed IT launched a Magento optimized hosting service. Also this year, Magento hosting specialist ProperHost its affiliate commission payouts. 

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  1. rw

    DO NOT TRY! The initial experience was nice, they would design the mobile version and start working on app afterwards. Typical process. The problems started occurring after few weeks when mobile site would be acting up on their site, with either no payments going through or products being removed from the mobile version altogether plus many more. We stayed while working on the Apps. The apps were total disaster, with so many issue that we have dozens and dozens of emails between tech support explaining why either the products are gone or payments are not working or many many many more issues. While their local tech support was doing their best, our company took a very bad hit in terms of how we look and present ourselves to our customers as we were losing their trust and patience. I discourage any serious business person to engage with this place as the communication toward the end was just not enough, the product is simply awful and not worth the hassle nor your business reputation. Also, no refund given, credit card charges were disputed. Now the attempt to use collections against us.