Mirantis, SoftLayer Rally to Bring Performance Insight to OpenStack Clouds

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IBM’s cloud division SoftLayer and Mirantis, which provides cloud solutions based on the open-source OpenStack technology, have joined forces in the creation of “Rally”, a testing and benchmarking tool that measures OpenStack performance when running a variety of traditional enterprise workloads.

SoftLayer will provide the infrastructure Rally needs to run simulated workloads on OpenStack clusters of between 100 and 1,000 physical servers. Rally uses these trials to provide data on infrastructure performance prior to movement into production.

Mirantis first introduced Rally in October in response to the difficulty of getting relevant results when testing and benchmarking only local parts of OpenStack.

According to a blog post this week from Mirantis Labs director Kirill Ishanov, the ultimate goal of Rally is to go beyond testing OpenStack performance and provide the OpenStack community with tooling and reproducible scaling tests that will improve the upstream OpenStack codebase. This could lead more traditional enterprises to adopt OpenStack.

In January, Mirantis closed $10 million in financing from Dell Ventures, Intel Capital and WestSummit Capital to drive its initiatives around the OpenStack platform. Earlier this year, Mirantis open-sourced “FUEL”, its private library of OpenStack configuration and deployment tools for OpenStack also in an effort to help accelerate OpenStack implementation projects.

Mirantis CEO Adrian Ionel said in a statement, “To accelerate OpenStack adoption among mainstream enterprises, it is essential to provide customer confidence in the product by establishing credible performance benchmarks. Our initiative with IBM is an important step, and we encourage others in the community to join us.”

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