Mirantis OpenStack Adds Oracle Linux and Oracle VM Integration


OpenStack cloud software company Mirantis and Oracle have integrated Oracle Linux and Oracle VM into the Mirantis OpenStack distribution, providing Mirantis OpenStack subscribers with Oracle support and ultimately allowing customers more choice.

According to the announcement this week, Mirantis OpenStack software subscriptions will now have access to enterprise-grade support for running OpenStack clouds on Oracle Linux and Oracle VM. The two companies will cooperate on support to provide a consistent service level agreement and offer a smooth escalation path for customers.

By providing support for Mirantis, Oracle, which already offers an OpenStack distribution of its own, provides additional choice for Oracle customers.

Mirantis’ cooperation with Oracle contrasts with its competitor Red Hat, which is also pursuing enterprise OpenStack clients, but does not provide support for RHEL customers who use a different OpenStack distribution other than its own.

Mirantis has been collaborating with other companies in the ecosystem, including adding interoperability with VMware and working with Canonical to ensure compatibility between Mirantis OpenStack and Ubuntu. Its deal with Oracle is that latest in its efforts to make Mirantis a more interoperable OpenStack distribution that provides customers more options.

“We’re pleased to team with Oracle on this OpenStack integration,” Mirantis CEO Adrian Ionel said in a statement. “It provides choice in an open, private cloud solution, optimized for enterprise workloads to mutual customers worldwide. It’s also a win for the OpenStack community as we continue to show more momentum with OpenStack in enterprise deployments.”

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  1. Sounds like a very smart move to me. In terms of customer efficiency as well as the financial prospect as well. I have always been a fan of Oracle.

  2. Sounds like a very smart move to me. In terms of customer effeciency as well as the financial prospect as well. Always a fan of Oracle.