Microsoft Wants to Help Drive Customers’ Sales with FantasySalesTeam Acquisition

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With the gamification industry set to grow 67 percent by 2018 when it will be worth an estimated $5.5 billion, Microsoft has made its first play in the space, acquiring sales gamification platform FantasySalesTeam as part of its acquisition of Incent Games. The terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

Through the acquisition, Microsoft will be making FantasySalesTeam available to its customers to help them incentivize their sales teams.

Hosting providers such as Media Temple and Go Daddy have used gamification to motivate employees, but it’s not just big hosting companies using the technique. Heart Internet shared tips for reseller hosts looking to introduce gamification in their sales organizations on a budget.

It’s not all fun and games; FantasySalesTeam customers have seen tangible results. Service Corporation International ran a pilot recently with 130 sales reps, comparing their performance to nearly 700 others. Reps using FantasySalesTeam on average closed 88 percent more deals at 213 percent the average contract value.

Microsoft said that FantasySalesTeam keeps employees engaged through team-based competition and involvement of non-sales employees, employees “draft” teams in order to become invested in each other’s success.

“With Microsoft’s focus on productivity and our obsession with customer success, this acquisition is a great fit. To help drive adoption of our CRM solutions in fun and creative ways, we are integrating FantasySalesTeam into our offering,” Bob Stutz, corporate vice president of Microsoft Dynamics CRM said. “Our focus continues to be on not only providing the best solutions to our customers, but also helping them be wildly successful. We are committed to going the last mile in helping them impact revenue growth. We believe that motivating users of Dynamics CRM to focus on their most important metrics while simultaneously increasing usage and adoption can help drive tremendous impact on our customer’s success.”

Over the coming months, Microsoft said it will integrate and offer this service to its customers. It is also exploring the potential of applying this feature beyond sales teams into other areas of the business.

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