Microsoft Ventures Accelerator London Includes Cloud Monitoring Service

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The first cohort of Microsoft Ventures Accelerator London were introduced at its London Demo Day including, a promising cloud monitoring service designed for enterprises running cloud services at scale.

The Demo Day took place Friday, December 6, 2013, and accelerator classes will run from Feb. 3, 2014 to Apr. 25, 2014.

The 12 new ventures involved in the accelerator include: Barpass, Buying Butler,Caribu, Cognisess,, Gateway Interactive, SKARA,, UXCam, Vastari, Vivid Technologies, and Von Bismark.

Microsoft Ventures Accelerator London gives these ventures access to experts on subjects like “lean startup” methodology, finance and intellectual property law, as well as PR and social media. VCs help scrutinize and polish their business plans so they can compete for investor and media attention.

Out of the project being helped by the accelerator, seems to be the most relevant to web hosts. Much like other new monitoring platforms New Relic or Anturis, is designed to provide an easy-to-setup monitoring solution for complex architectures that alerts users to issues so that they can solve problems quickly. These solutions seem to be gaining traction compared to open source tools like Nagios and Graphite that are flexible but can be hard to install and configure, especially for new cloud-based architectures.

In a blog post about London Demo Day, Microsoft UK managing director and Microsoft International VP Michel Van der Bel speculated on the issues helping and hindering the UK startup scene.

The startup community, he wrote, is plagued by issues such as developing an “entrepreneurial mind-set in the UK” and providing the Computer Science background needed for would-be entrepreneurs to “understand the engine room of creativity in the 21st century”.

And while many of these questions remain difficult to answer, Microsoft Ventures is doing its part by aiming to provide entrepreneurs support at every stage of their business from idea to product and to market and beyond.

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  1. Thanks the article. We're extremely excited to be part of the Microsoft Accelerator next year, and will be sending more information out on what we're working on over the next couple of months. For those of you interested feel free to follow us on Twitter (@dataloopIO) to stay up to date!