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Microsoft Reports Several Azure Disruptions in August

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Over the past several days, Microsoft’s public cloud platform Azure has had a number of significant issues ranging from users having trouble logging in to partial and full service interruptions.

While all services seem to be working currently, according to the Azure service status log there have been nine incidents reported over the past week.

For eight days beginning August 5, some customers in East US received error messages when using their Auto-Scale configurations before engineers were able to reduce the number of errors.

On Saturday, August 9, Azure customers using the West US region were unable to access some cloud management capabilities, and some customers were unable to access their Storage resources.

There were also issues affecting regions outside the US. On August 12, customers of the Brazil South Region experienced intermittent connectivity issues for a few hours. And on August 15, the Japan East region saw a full service interruption, making all Azure Services inaccessible for nearly half an hour.

On August 13, customers using Visual Studio Online, a cloud-based tool for developing and testing software online, experienced latency issues and slow execution. Then, for nearly six hours on Aug 14, 2014, customers were unable to access their Visual Studio Online resources before the issue was solved.

Over the past seven days, cloud provider Rackspace reported control panel incidents on four of those days. In contrast, the Amazon Web Services log shows no major incidents in the same period, although it has suffered similar outages in the past.

Status pages for Azure, AWS, Rackspace, and other web hosting providers have provided transparency into the issues that face many hosts. And while service disruptions are something to be avoided, many of these companies are helping to communicate service disruptions to customers, explain what is being done to solve the problem, and show how quickly the company responds to issues.

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