Microsoft Launches Azure Resource Manager Template for WordPress Applications

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Azure customers have been requesting an easier way to deploy WordPress on Azure App Service, and Microsoft has responded by creating an Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template to run in Azure Virtual Machines backed by a MySQL database cluster, the company announced Monday. Previously, running WordPress on Azure required making room for MySQL with an optimized virtual machine, or using a ClearDB account, according to WinBeta.

The template uses CentOS 6.6 for Azure virtual machines to host MySQL 5.6 server, and has configured and tested GTID-based replication. It provisions a load balancer in front of “a two-node MySQL master slave configuration in an Azure VNet where each has two data disks striped into Raid0, both Standard and Premium storage are supported.” It also provides MySQL health monitoring with a configured HTTP-based probe.

A blog post detailing the template provides a diagram of the deployment architecture for the template, and 7 steps to deployment. The cost for a deployment of web app tier S2 and D2 virtual machines is $565.

The template has been launched to the Azure Marketplace, and is available for a free trial, according to the blog post.

Microsoft announced a series of new solutions related to more traditional uses of Azure at AzureCon in September, such as Azure VMs powered by NVIDIA GPUs, and Azure Container Service.

GoDaddy product evangelist Chris Carfi noted an emphasis on accessibility in conversations at the WordCamp US conference in December, so the WordPress community should be pleased that the open-source platform is now more easily accessible for Azure customers.

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