Microsoft Gains Most Sites in April: Netcraft Web Server Survey

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Microsoft gained the most websites in April 2014, according to the monthly Netcraft Web Server survey released on Monday, bringing it that much closer to Apache’s market share lead.

Microsoft gained 1.9 percentage points in market share in April with nearly 31 million additional sites, giving Apache only a 4.1 percentage point lead with 37.74 percent of the market.

In April, Netcraft received responses from 958,919,789 sites — 39 million more than March.

nginx gained 3.1 million sites with 15.25 percentage points in market share in April.

More than 70 percent of April’s new IIS-powered websites are hosted in the US, with 22 percent in China. Nobis Technology Group hosts nearly 20 million of the US-based IIS sites. Microsoft IIS growth was also seen on its Azure platform, where the total number of active sites is up 25 percent since February. Of the active sites on the Azure plaform, 84 percent are running Microsoft web server software.

In terms of active sites, Apache has a 52 percent share of the market, compared to Microsoft’s 11 percent. Nginx has a 14 percent share of the active sites market.

According to Netcraft, both Apache and nginx were affected by security vulnerabilities resolve in March.

Earlier this year, Microsoft surpassed Amazon to become the largest Windows hosting company.

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  1. Surprised people still use Netcraft :-/