Microsoft Announces Internet of Things Azure Cloud Service in Limited Beta

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Microsoft announced at an event Tuesday that its Azure Intelligent Systems Service (AISS) is available in limited beta. The cloud-based service is a platform to capture data that will support the growth of the Internet of Things.

Applications and services supporting the emerging Internet of Things trend is an area of growth for cloud businesses. Cisco recently announced an investment of $1 billion into this trend.

AISS collects and manages data from various operating systems and platforms which would allow for easy communication between multiple devices.

This addition to Azure comes shortly the news that Microsoft’s enterprise cloud contracts meet European Union privacy law standards, which could help support implementation of this cloud service in Europe.

The service can be used with Microsoft data analysis tools to discover how devices are interacting. This could lead to new business opportunities by providing insights that had not been exposed previously.

“SQL Server, BI, Machine Learning, Bing, Azure each have a vital role to play on the road to creating a world in which our devices, services and environments truly anticipate and understand our needs. It won’t happen overnight, but the good news is that along the way, there will be dividends that our customers and partners will benefit from today,” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella in a blog post.

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