Memset is providing cloud services to Department of Energy and Climate Change to support the planning of low-carbon energy projects in England

Memset Extends Green Effort, Powers UK Energy Heat Map with Cloud Services

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Cloud hosting provider Memset announced on Friday that it is providing cloud services to host The National Heat Map, an application launched by the Department of Energy and Climate Change to support the planning of low-carbon energy projects in England.

Launched on Thursday, the heat map is a publicly accessible resource that provides high-resolution maps of heat demand across England. Developed by the Centre for Sustainable Energy, the map was designed to help local authorities and community groups identify locations where heat distribution projects are most likely to be effective, according to the press release.

Memset says CSE delivers the content through a suite of cloud services, and uses only one Memset Miniserver VM. The heat layer images are stored in Memstore, Memset’s cloud storage solution, and delivered via its CDN.

The nature of the customer and the application aligns with Memset’s green values, as Memset claims that in August 2006, it became the UK’s first carbon neutral web host. It invests in a methane capture project in the Ruhr since methane is 21 times more potent than CO2, and focuses on recycling hardware. It also uses virtualization to minimize the number of machines and overall energy usage. Memset provides its staff with electric bicycles, and has a paperless office. The full spectrum of its green values is a good model for other web hosts looking to carve a green niche.

“It’s really exciting to see our technology being used for such a great environmental purpose, especially when CSE is using technology in an environmentally friendly way as well – delivering the content via the cloud means the service itself has a reduced carbon footprint compared to the old-school approach of dedicated hardware,” Kate Craig-Wood, managing director of Memset said in a statement.

During the launch of the site on Thursday, there was a peak of 9 million requests per hour, and provided an “excellent stress-test of the CDN service,” according to Memset. It says its AGILE team wrote, tested and deployed a performance enhancement patch to iron out a minor lag issue.

“The National Heat Map represents a big step forward in the use of the web to provide intelligence and support for the development of local energy projects,” Joshua Thumim, CSE head of research and analysis said in a statement. “It combines a very detailed geographic model of energy use with a range of user-friendly visualization and reporting tools, providing sophisticated GIS functionality to non-technical users via a standard web-browser. We think it’s the future of energy mapping.”

This is one of a few interesting applications being hosted in cloud environments. Also this week, AWS announced that it will store for public use the contents of the National Institute for Health’s 1000 Genomes Project, a survey of genetic information from 1,700 individuals.

Memset has been increasingly positioning its brand around cloud hosting. Last year, it announced that it would offer a private cloud service for the same price as its public cloud service, and joined the OpenStack community.

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