Eucalyptus and Mellanox have partnered for an enterprise cloud solution

Mellanox Technologies Partners with Open Source Cloud Platform Eucalyptus Systems

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Interconnect solutions provider Mellanox Technologies announced on Wednesday that it has partnered with cloud computing platform Eucalyptus Systems. The strategic partnership aims to accelerate and facilitate adoption of efficient cloud infrastructures.

The collaboration between Mellanox and Eucalyptus will provide the industry with an efficient cloud infrastructure that is easy to deploy. According to the press release, Eucalyptus enables 25,000 cloud starts each year.

This partnership announcement comes almost two months after Amazon partnered with Eucalyptus to help customers move data between private clouds and AWS by extending it compatibility with AWS APIs.

“This collaboration underscores Eucalyptus’ commitment to organizations that are building powerful, flexible private and hybrid clouds using existing enterprise IT infrastructure and software,” David P. Butler, senior vice president of marketing at Eucalyptus Systems said in a statement. “The combination of Eucalyptus’ software platform and Mellanox 40GbE and InfiniBand interconnects, will provide enterprises an easy out-of-the-box installation experience while gaining a high-performance, affordable cloud solution.”

Mellanox says its 10/40GbE and InfiniBand portfolio of adapters, switches, gateways, software and cables provides a fast interconnect infrastructure for the cloud.

“Our collaboration with Eucalyptus will provide customers a robust and affordable cloud solution that leverages their investment in the cloud infrastructure design,” Gilad Shainer, vice president of market development for Mellanox said in a statement. “This activity will play an important role in enabling enterprises to seamlessly transform their IT operations so that they have the flexibility and scalability to meet business demands.”

Enterprises can base large-scale virtualization initiatives and internal/private cloud deployments on the cloud platform.

Recently, the WHIR explored how open source projects like Eucalyptus have contributed to the evolution of cloud computing technologies.

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