Megaupload Servers Remain Disconnected in Carpathia Storage Facility, Two Years After Raid

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Two years after the Megaupload raid, more than 1,000 servers remain in storage at a Virginia warehouse belonging to web hosting provider Carpathia. According to a report on Friday by TorrentFreak, it remains uncertain if former Megaupload users will ever be able to retrieve their files.

Megaupload lawyer Ira Rothken tells TF that the Megaupload servers previously hosted at Carpathia are disconnected and stacked in a secure Carpathia facility in Virginia. Carpathia did not provide any comment on the status of the Megaupload servers after repeated requests, according to TF.

According to the report, the US government had copied all the data from the Megaupload servers. At one point, Megaupload wanted to buy its servers back from Carpathia, a deal which the MPAA and the Department of Justice objected.

Another web host that provided services to Megaupload, LeaseWeb, deleted user files off 630 servers after Dotcom failed to pay his bills and informing Megaupload of its course of action.

As Dotcom awaits extradition, Mega has announced plans to list on the New Zealand stock market in an $180 million IPO.

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