Media Temple Rolls Out Parallels Plesk 12 to VPS Hosting Accounts

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Media Temple announced on Monday that it has added Parallels Plesk 12 panel to its VPS control panel offering. It is encouraging all VPS customers currently on Plesk 10 and Plesk 11.5 to upgrade for free to Plesk 12 by the end of the year.

Parallels officially launched the latest version of its control panel software Plesk at HostingCon 2014 last month where the WHIR had a chance to catch up with chief marketing officer John Zanni on some of the new features of Parallels Plesk 12.

As part of the new features of Plesk 12, Parallels introduced tools for managed WordPress hosting providers in order to simplify daily tasks of WordPress management, including security and plugin updates. Parallels Plesk 12 also offers a new level of server-to-site security with third-party apps like Fail2Ban and WAF ModSecurity.

“Media Temple’s philosophy is to constantly improve our products and stay current with the latest versions and technology available. Our customers should expect no less than a premium user experience,” Brian Kuhn, VP of Product at Media Temple said. “To sharpen our control panel offering with the most current version of Parallels Plesk was the next logical step after recently adding cPanel to our VPS product.”

Media Temple launched a new Premium WordPress hosting product earlier this year, offering an optimized hosting service for web developers and designers.

Media Temple’s parent company, GoDaddy, also launched a managed WordPress hosting offering this year. Jeff King, general manager of hosting, commerce and security at GoDaddy, said that the WordPress development at the respective companies was really a team effort.

“The WordPress product is really the first visible product of this collaboration. The Media Temple and GoDaddy product was co-developed by the companies,” King told the WHIR in an interview at HostingCon last month. “The product manager at Media Temple is the product manager for both GoDaddy’s offering and Media Temple’s offering. They do differ even though they run on essentially the same rails. Media Temple has a whole feature set that they add for the tech community.”

Between the focus on securing and managing WordPress sites from Parallels, and the managed WordPress offerings from Media Temple and GoDaddy, there may be more collaboration on managing WordPress in the future.

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