Magento to Shut Down Two Ecommerce Solutions Aimed at Smaller Merchants


Magento is shutting down two of its ecommerce products designed for small and mid-sized retailers. The eBay-owned company has given customers of its Magento Go and ProStores until Feb. 1, 2015 to transfer their stores to another ecommerce platform.

The Magento Go and ProStores collectively have 10,000 merchant customers, and Magento has partnered with Bigcommerce to transition small merchant customers to its platform for free. Bigcommerce says it has already migrated 6,000 ProStores customers to its platform.

Magento will continue to offer its Enterprise and Community editions of its platform, which are designed for larger retailers. There are also many web hosting providers that specialize in hosted Magento, including Tenzing.

“We’ve made the difficult decision to shut down Magento Go on February 1, 2015. Your store will not be affected during the Holiday shopping season – it will continue to operate and perform normally, and Magento will continue to provide customer service until February 1, 2015,” Mark Lavelle, SVP, Product and Strategy, eBay Enterprise. “Over the past five years we’ve had the opportunity to work with thousands of merchants and have been humbled to be a part of so many success stories. Going forward, we’re focusing our resources on Magento Enterprise Edition and Magento Community Edition, two solutions that better support and better equip small and medium size merchants to prosper in the evolving and increasingly competitive ecommerce landscape.”

The discontinuation of Magento Go and ProStores comes several months after Ebay laid off around 50 employees in its Magento ecommerce software division.

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  1. Before they automatically transition to BigCommerce, ebay Prostores owners may want to check out other alternatives. One I particularly like is SureDone because they can manage their inventory in their store and on eBay and even upload it to Amazon all from one dashboard. I discussed transferring eBay stores with the best SEO I know and he suggests not waiting. Move right away, but leave the original store online for the 2-3 months it will take for your new store to be fully indexed. I wrote about his suggestions and compared Magento, BigCommerce and SureDone in

  2. Tamira

    The matter of migration has never been such relevant as it is now. Migration to Bigcommerce seems to be a nice solution but not for everyone. Thousands of Magento Go users probably would like to stay with Magento and a great amount of them will decide to migrate to Magento Community edition. But how to do that? There is no official way out. Store owners will have to look for an alternative way of migration like cart2cart or other services since Bigcommerce is not the only cart where merchants would like to migrate to.