LiquidWeb Among Companies Affected by Major Outage Across US Network Providers


This story has been updated with more information.

LiquidWeb customers in the US are experiencing outages Tuesday morning as part of a widespread issue impacting major network providers including Comcast, AT&T, Time Warner, and Verizon.

LiquidWeb is keeping customers in the loop on Twitter as to what is going on, and said it is currently communicating with a number of major providers to get more information on the outages across the US. LiquidWeb is directing customers to to see which connectivity providers are affected.

While some customers asked LiquidWeb if the outage was connected to the flooding in Michigan on Monday night, where the company is based, it has confirmed that that is not the case and that the issue is way more far-reaching than Michigan.

In a situation like this, LiquidWeb said it would typically reroute traffic, but it is being hindered by the amount of providers experiencing outages. LiquidWeb public relations specialist Cale Sauter tells the WHIR in an email that its network team is seeing if it can shift traffic to other providers, but since its most prevalent providers are affected, it is making it difficult.

“As ongoing issues aren’t directly related to any of our infrastructure, we are trying to get more information as well,” LiquidWeb tweeted. “We’re in the process of communicating with several providers and will relay any updates the second we receive them.”

LiquidWeb is telling customers on Twitter that it is in “one of the many US outage areas, causing issues for any of its customers using the affected networks regardless of their location.”

One LiquidWeb customer on Twitter said its VPS servers have been down for more than six hours.

The WHIR will update this story once we learn more about the outage.

Disclosure: LiquidWeb is the WHIR’s web hosting provider.

UPDATE 12 pm ET: Michigan-based Nexcess is experiencing issues as part of the major network outage. Winnipeg-based web host New Winnipeg is also reporting some problems.

UPDATE 5 pm ET: LiquidWeb has tweeted: “As ISP’s have recovered from #512k active bgp routes being reached, many of our customers affected by these carrier issues have regained the ability to reach their sites. We are still currently up, working to get a timeframe when sites can be reached from all locations and from any ISP.”

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  1. Alex

    Shaw, in Western Canada, suffered the same problem during the same time. It was definitely a network issue affecting some ISPs. Source:

  2. ILeftHostgator4This

    If this were really a network problem of such a scale, how come we haven't heard more about? How did my server go down for 7+ hours? LW has some more explaining

  3. Corey

    This happened because a lot of companies are still using the Cisco 6500's for BGP routers. The default TCAM settings only allow 512k routes in the table. Once that limit is reached all kinds of hilarity ensues. It was a simple fix that many have trumpeted about since at least june with the weekly CIDR report showed us nearing that limit. Not sure how many of those companies were still under contract for the hardware, but Cisco should of been emailing them about this limit long ago.

  4. someotherdude

    I fail to see how this is a "outage" when I can access the affected sites succesfully while using a legacy ATM based DSL platform, but experience failure when using an Ethernet based DSL platform, both from the same DSL provider. To further complicate it, I can access some pages of certain sites using WIN7 browsers, but cannot access the same pages using any IOS browser. It would seem to me that an outage is just that, a network is down hard, out-of-service. In this case, there's no physical network outage, there is a failure at Layers 4 or above.

  5. LiquidWeb runs SUP 720's lol They were effected.

  6. Adam

    A website powered by Liquid Web is saying that Liquid Web isn't the only one having this problem. Seems like it's only Liquid Web that's down. Who else is if there are others?

    • Nicole Henderson Post author

      Nexcess and New Winnipeg are other providers who claim to be affected by the same issue.

  7. Hi Nicole, What's happening is very frustrating. We have major clients using LiquidWeb (we actually recommended LiquidWeb for them) and yet their websites were inaccessible for many US states since very early in the morning. LiqudWeb hasn't updated their Twitter status for the past 5 hours. I know it's not their problem (they say it's Comcast's), but I'm very disappointed at the manner they're handling this whole thing. Will it be solved anytime today? We are nearing the end of the day and still there is no silver lining.

    • Nicole Henderson Post author

      Hi Fadi, I agree - the lack of communication be very frustrating. I myself have spent the day looking for answers. I know that LiquidWeb is having the same difficulty getting an answer from connectivity providers. They have assured me that they will update me when they have more information and I will update the story when I have more to share. I hope that the issue is solved as quickly as possible.

  8. Disgruntled

    how is the whir available....but my website is not?