Liquid Web Website Redesign Offers Support Transparency

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Liquid Web has released its redesigned website this week in an effort to improve transparency into its customer support, as well as make it easier for customers to navigate.

Liquid Web customer support, called Heroic Support, is featured on the home page, making it clear to customers how fast it is responding to tickets. The website highlights support statistics with breakdowns of how quickly customers get a response using phone support, helpdesk, live chat, and overall satisfaction.

“A primary goal of ours was to ensure the site is representative of our company’s identity,” Liquid Web marketing director Jason Grasshoff said. “When Liquid Web is brought up in the hosting community, often the first thing people talk about is the speed and availability of our support. Since our Heroic Support team provides that excellent experience, they’re the true star behind our brand. With this and our commitment to transparency in mind, we’ve put them front and center on the new site, by including regularly updated support stats directly on the landing page.”

Other ways the redesigned website makes it easier for customers includes a streamlined ordering process, updated content, and decreased page load times. Liquid Web’s new website also showcases its actual employees’ photographs rather than stock photography.

Eliminating stock photography and instead using photos of real employees helps customers connect with an organization and it develops trust, particularly if the organization is focused on support. Makiko Ara, co-founder of Total Product Marketing, spoke about the positive impact of using photos of real employees rather than generic stock photos as part of a presentation on marketing at HostingCon last year.

Featuring employees and real people was also a big part of the redesign earlier this year at Media Temple. Jon Setzen, Media Temple creative director told the WHIR that its old website’s server renderings weren’t aligned with what the company was focused on, and that was providing a personable service. The photos of employees helped it do that, and could do the same for Liquid Web.

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