Linode Releases CLI Tool for Cloud Platform

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Cloud host Linode announced the availability of a Command Line Interface (CLI) this week to allow an alternative method of provisioning and managing their cloud services. The CLI will be offered alongside Linode Manager or Linode Mobile to all of the company’s customers.

Also this week Linode launched the beta of its metered billing. Existing users who pay monthly will have the option of switching, and it will be the default pay structure for new customers once it is out of beta.

Linode says its CLI enables easy automation of common tasks like creating, rebooting, or resizing servers, and makes DNS record management and backend workload distribution straightforward.

“Many systems administrators appreciate the convenience of working with a command line interface,” Christopher Aker, founder and CEO of Linode said. “The Linode CLI is an intuitive and easy-to-use utility that gives users the same capability to manage Linodes and automate provisioning as they’ve grown accustomed to, only now they can do so without having to log into the Linode Manager. It’s a time-saving and practical solution for many users.”

The Linode CLI boasts easy modification of DNS zones and records, and JSON output for scripting repetitive tasks. It also allows users to create configuration files for default preferences, display account information, display information about individual Linodes, and perform actions with StackScripts.

Last year, Linode updated its load balancer to support SSL, and also launched Longview to provide server statistics and analysis.

While some companies seem to prefer graphical drag-and-drop interfaces to manage their clouds, and cloud companies have responded in the past, Linode’s command line offering may be a more natural fit for the sys amin users Aker refers to.

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