Linode Pours $45 Million in Cloud Infrastructure and Services Upgrades

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Linode is investing $45 million in its cloud infrastructure and services, the largest capital investment in the company’s 10-year history to support its transition from a VPS provider to a full cloud hosting provider.

According to Thursday’s announcement, the investment will include improvements to server hardware and networking equipment, including new SSD drives, doubled RAM, and increased network throughput to each host server from 2Gbps to 40 Gbps. All Linode host servers come with the new Intel Xeon E5 2680v2 Ivy Bridge processors.

Though Linode is considered one of the best cloud providers for developers, its latest improvements also target the enterprise. Linode is introducing several larger plans built specifically for enterprise customers. The new plans have up to 96GB of available RAM.

“The cloud hosting industry is changing and Linode is changing with it,” Christopher Aker, founder and CEO of Linodesaid. “Developers are constantly seeking simpler, high value alternatives to AWS and we are uniquely positioned to serve that demand. With faster SSDs, more flexible payment options, and unprecedented customer support, we are not only setting a higher standard of service but are also proud to still be the only cloud hosting company built and owned 100 percent by developers.”

In terms of billing, Linode now bundles compute, persistent storage and network transfer into one hourly rate.

The investments come around a year after Linode made a multi-million dollar investment to improve network speed and redundancy with Cisco Nexus 7000 and 5000 series switches and Nexus 2000 series Fabric Extenders.

In January, Linode released a Command Line Interface tool that allows for an alternative method of provisioning and managing cloud services.

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