Limestone Networks Launches IaaS Cloud

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Dedicated and enterprise hosting provider Limestone Networks launched an Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud known as LSN Cloud, making its data center infrastructure available on an on-demand basis.

LSN Cloud is entering the market as one of the most competitively priced cloud options, given that a small instance (2GB of RAM, 25GB of storage and 5,000GB bandwidth) costs 6.1¢ per hour. A key differentiator between LSN Cloud and other services, however, seems to be its networking capabilities.

According to Limestone’s Monday announcement, LSN Cloud is housed in its highly secure Dallas data center, and it uses tier-1 fiber carriers for optimal data transmission. With Juniper rack-level switches and Cisco core routers, cloud racks are capable of 20Gbps with increased capacity to 40Gbps if needed, and 100Gbps in the future.

The new service is based on KVM virtualization and is run on Dual Intel Xeon E5-series processors with Supermicro chassis. Storage is a mixture of local and SAN SSD storage.

“Our core principles when designing LSN Cloud were high availability, performance and scalability,” Limestone Networks IT manager Ryan Gelobter said in a statement. “These principles extend not only to our network, but also to our hardware… We use only Intel Xeon processors and Intel SSDs in our hypervisors which gives us fast and reliable performance.”

According to Limestone Networks’ website, it is planning on making it easy to spin up dozens of popular applications on its cloud such as WordPress, Magento and Moodle.

Given Limestone Networks’ considerable experience providing infrastructure to large businesses, its IaaS cloud service is likely to provide the underlying hardware and network performance that many customers are looking for when choosing a cloud service, but also the flexibility that comes with the cloud.

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