LeaseWeb Settles Copyright Infringement Lawsuit with Adult Publisher Perfect 10

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LeaseWeb has settled its copyright infringement lawsuit with adult magazine publisher Perfect 10, though the terms of the settlement have not been disclosed.

According to a report by TorrentFreak, it is assumed that LeaseWeb provided Perfect 10 with some sort of compensation, though neither party has commented on the settlement terms. On June 4, LeaseWeb and Perfect 10 asked a federal court in California to dismiss the case in a joint submission.

Perfect 10 filed the lawsuit against LeaseWeb in February, claiming that the web host was responsible for the copyright iinfringementsof its customers, including former customer Megaupload.

Perfect 10 argued that LeaseWeb was complicit in the copyright infringement since it failed to process the 22 DMCA notices Perfect 10 sent to LeaseWeb in 2013. LeaseWeb said that most of the sites mentioned in the complaint were hosted by its Netherlands hosting arm, LeaseWeb Netherlands BV, so they didn’t follow DMCA takedown procedures.

“LeaseWeb USA denies that it has actual knowledge of allegedly ‘rampant infringement’ by any of its customers and that it has committed copyright infringement. LeaseWeb USA denies it has knowingly aided and abetted massive alleged infringers, including,” LeaseWeb said.

Perfect 10 has pursued legal action against other companies as well, including Google, Amazon and Depositfiles. The company settled its cases against Amazon and Depositfiles early.

Perfect 10 founder Norm Zada told TorrentFreak that “the world desperately needs some form of Internet police that can deal with the hundreds of billions of dollars of intellectual property that is stolen each year.”

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