LeaseWeb Extends CDN Network to Singapore

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LeaseWeb is launching a CDN point of presence in Singapore, the company announced this week. The move expands LeaseWeb’s CDN network further into Asia, increasing speeds in the Asia Pacific region, and increasing its overall CDN capacity by 100Gbps to 500Gbps globally.

The network’s high capacity is a partly due to its emphasis on SSD-powered infrastructure, which allows LeaseWeb to target its solution at enterprises with large file distribution needs.

“Unique to the CDN solution is its 100% SSD-powered storage characteristics,” said Maurits van der Schee, CDN Innovation Engineer at LeaseWeb. “Most of the time, CDNs use SSD technology only for a small part of the solution. We decided to give full power to our CDN and make use of SSD technology only, in order to maximize caching effects and prevent videos worldwide from buffering.”

LeaseWeb’s CDN architecture is open-source based and designed in-house, and its Singapore point of presence was built with “high-end” hardware transported from Europe.

The Singapore point of presence is called a “SuperPoP” by the Dutch host because of its capacity, and is the fifth such LeaseWeb facility globally. The initial expansion of LeaseWeb’s CDN with four SuperPoPs in the US and Europe was just completed in October 2013.

Last week LeaseWeb announced a partnership with server maker Huawei.

The global CDN market is growing, but so is competition, as services like cloud platform OnApp facilitate new entrants like CDNlion, just as Apple announces it is building out its own CDN, which leaves Akamai with the looming challenge of replacing the $100 million CDN client.

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