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Layered Tech Provides Free Cloud Hosting to Payment Processing and Healthcare Startups

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Web hosting provider Layered Tech is providing free cloud hosting to startups in the payments processing and healthcare industries under a new startup program.

The Layered Tech Startup Program partners with startup incubators and accelerators to provide cloud hosting and compliance management. By providing hosting, Layered Tech says it is able to help minimize the barrier to entry and enable the businesses to focus on innovating new products and solutions.

“Being a startup company, it was not possible to foresee all the changes and requirements that would be needed to launch,” Alan Craig, executive vice president of payment processor YB MoneySpot said. “Layered Tech’s willingness to work with us and make adjustments has helped us launch our product and get to market sooner.”

Businesses that qualify for the program receive the first six months of cloud hosting and compliance management free, and the subsequent six months at a 50 percent discount, along with a three-year commitment.

Layered Tech has built its business around providing compliant hosting services to businesses in the payments processing and healthcare space, bringing a new CEO on board late last year to lead its growth in complex managed hosting and compliant hosting. It is the only hosting company to offer a guaranteed 100 percent compliance guarantee for HIPAA and PCI-DSS. 

“Technology and hosting needs change as a company grows,” Layered Tech VP of Sales and Marketing, Nate Brancato said. “We’re able to match them with services that meet their needs today, tomorrow and for the life of their business. The Startup Program simultaneously eliminates an expense roadblock to help make their dreams more attainable.”

While appealing to the startup community has become quite trendy for service providers, it is also a smart way to seek out the next wave of talent in certain areas and create long-term relationships with companies who could end up being long-term clients.


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