Lance Crosby’s Security as a Service Startup StackPath Launches CDN Service

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Security-as-a-Service startup StackPath announced Tuesday that it has released its global security platform to general availability, and launched its Secure Content Delivery Network as its first service. StackPatch Secure CDN simplifies delivery of secure web applications for developers, according to the announcement.

StackPath (and previously SoftLayer) founder Lance Crosby brought the company out of stealth mode in the summer to bridge the gap between developers and IT departments with a  development platform with security built-in, rather than “bolted on” after the fact, as Crosby told the WHIR in July. A MergerTech study released this year showed that U.S. businesses lost $145 billion last year to security breaches, and StackPath contends that common security procurement and implementation practices create the disconnect that commonly leads to breaches.

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SecureCDN features a global network of content servers in more than 20 points of presence, a fully-articulable web application firewall (WAF), and DDoS mitigation to allow developers to protect against different attack vectors on different layers. It also includes real-time analytics and 24/7 support, and is priced at a flat global rate based on pre-paid bandwidth, starting at $20 per month, and as little as two cents per gigabyte.

“We couldn’t be more excited about launching SecureCDN as the first service on the StackPath platform” Lance Crosby, CEO of StackPath said in a statement. “We need to stop seeking the next shiny new point solution or focusing on who is to blame and, instead, look to our developers—the creation process. It’s the developers who will lead the fundamental change in the enterprise, working closely with IT staff to identify security issues early on. StackPath is leading this change by empowering organizations large and small to shift the conversation from security ‘buy-in’ to security ‘built in’.”

Competing CDN provider CloudFlare recently announced a major expansion of its network and DDoS scrubbing capacity.

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