Lack of Cloud Training and Education Creates Poor Cloud Experience for UK Public Sector Workers

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A shocking 83 percent of civil servants say their experience with the UK public sector cloud is “poor,” according to a survey by Eduserv. This end-user impression could pose a barrier to the UK government’s ongoing G-Cloud initiative.

Eduserv, a non-profit public sector cloud provider, surveyed over 800 civil servants to produce a paper titled “Delivering Cloud First,” which examines the state of the UK federal government’s cloud first policy.

Forty percent of respondents said they had difficulty accessing the right data or applications, and 10 percent said new cloud services disrupted their ability to do their job.

Part of the problem seems to be a lack of skills and understanding, as 75 percent said stakeholders did not understand the benefits of cloud, and 51 percent said their organization lacked the technical skills to implement and manage a cloud environment. Eighty-eight percent say a lack of cloud training is an issue.

Interoute CTO Matthew Finnie told CloudTech that “to some extent, what you’re looking at is some of the cynicism, or concern, is really masking a skills deficit in certain areas.”

Only 10 percent said they were using cloud services “to improve or transform public services.” Transforming public services is one of the main goals of the policy, according to the report, and it includes a number of suggestions for moving towards this goal, including internal training programs and IT skills outsourcing.

“Looking forward to the second year of Cloud First, the real measure of success shouldn’t just be the volume of sales going through G-Cloud 5 and 6, but the extent to which the services are being bought in order to deliver this strategic transformation,” said Andrew Hawkins, government sales director for Eduserv.

The need for greater skill level and information create an opportunity for cloud service providers to sell skills or training to accompany the services themselves.

G-Cloud 4 went live with 999 approved suppliers in October of last year.

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