KickassTorrents Reverts to .TO Domain After .SO Domain Seized


KickassTorrents has been pulled offline after authorities seized its .SO domain, according to several reports on Monday. Its WHOIS status is listed as banned.

As one of the most used torrent sites on the Internet, KickassTorrents has been a target of law enforcement and copyright holders, and as such has had to move its domain on several occasions, a report by TorrentFreak said.

“ was seized by the .SO registry who also blacklisted the scam site, which is not affiliated with the KAT team,” the report said. “It is likely that the registry acted following a complaint from copyright holders although this hasn’t been officially confirmed yet.”

KickassTorrents has reverted back to its .TO domain, and is now fully operational on its previous domain.

The Pirate Bay has faced similar troubles recently, but came back online last week two months after it was taken offline and its office in Stockholm was raided by police.

Last year, the UK’s Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit went on a sweep, shutting down several domain names of major torrent sites including SumoTorrent, MisterTorrent and ExtraTorrent.

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  1. Kilimajaro

    I thought the somalis got offended at all the pr0n torrents that kickass was hosting :)

  2. What you call it a Torrent dance? :p