Kanye West Sues Digital Currency Coinye, Alleged Hosting Provider AWS

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Crypto-currency Coinye has been declared dead following legal action by celebrity Kanye West. Representatives of the pop music star filed legal claims to stop the e-currency, casting a wide net because of the anonymity of the Coinye website’s operators. The lawsuit also named possible Coinye associates, including Amazon.

West’s representatives site Amazon as the host of coinyewest.com and coinyeco.in, but Amazon did not respond to an Ars Technica request for comment, and coinyeco.in says, “This website is hosted in the Netherlands, not on Amazon’s servers.”

Further complicating the lawsuit, the anonymous developers of Coinye may not be the same people as the current anonymous operators.

“The original devs have nothing to do with the morons trying to revive this coin so they can try and cash in on the hype (a second time),” a message posted on the landing page of coinyeco.in said.

The lawsuit alleges that “with each day that passes, Mr. West’s reputation is irreparably harmed,” so West is suing for part of the profits, but if he does not accept payment in the defunct currency, determining an exchange rate would be an absurd exercise.

A similar “altcoin” called Norris Coin after movie star Chuck Norris was also recently blocked through legal action, although no web host appears to have been targeted in that case, only the operator.

Other crypto-currencies without the parody element, such as Bitcoin and Primecoin, continue to grow in use, but also appear to be causing headaches for hosts, as those “mining” them buy up dedicated servers.

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