Juniper Networks and VeriSign Partner for Hybrid DDoS Protection Solution

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Juniper Networks and VeriSign have teamed up to offer a hybrid DDoS protection solution, the companies announced this week. The offering will be a hybrid in the sense that it protects against both high-volume DDoS attacks and targeted application-layer attacks, as well as in the more usual sense of being both on-premises and in the cloud.

Network and application-layer protection comes in the form of Juniper’s DDoS Secure, while VeriSign’s DDoS Protection Service defends from the cloud.

The solution monitors protected applications and adjusts its traffic identification and filtration based on application response and performance.

Mitigation response also adapts, with open source standards of communication between the different parts of the solution. The companies are also committed to automating integration between increasingly heterogeneous networks.

“In today’s network-dependent world, DDoS solutions must be able to detect and mitigate zero day threats and large-scale attacks to help businesses of all types and sizes stay secure, stable and available,” said Sean Leach, vice president of technology at VeriSign. “Our hybrid approach makes this possible by helping to ensure immediate mitigation on-premise with Juniper and in the cloud with Verisign, thereby quickly addressing attacks while also providing the extra bandwidth needed for mitigation as those attacks ramp up.”

A recent threat report from Black Lotus noted the growth of attacks over 100Gbps, highlighting the importance of the ability to scale mitigation efforts quickly. Also in January an Arbor Networks report noted application-level attacks on nearly every survey respondent over the past year.

Clearly organizations with diverse networks need diverse threat protection. The success of this new offering will partly hinge on whether it allows companies to avoid trade-offs in cost and performance as Juniper and VeriSign claim.

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