Juniper Networks Adds Security Options to Stop Malware and Emerging Threats

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With IT environments facing risks such as increasingly advanced malware, Juniper Networks has announced new advancements to its Spotlight Secure threat intelligence platform and the ability for Juniper’s SRX firewall to incorporate outside threat intelligence data for a more complete view of threats and compliance issues.

“We hear all the time that security continues to be a major concern particularly in the cloud and data center environments,” Juniper’s Calvin Chai said in an interview with the WHIR. “So, what’s we’re doing is we’re taking our Spotlight Secure and extending the threat intelligence platform that it covers. With this announcement, Spotlight Secure is going to provide an open and scalable platform that enables us to link in real time with the Juniper Networks SRX firewall.”

Rather than be locked into the intelligence data offered by their firewall vendor, this approach allows customers to chose the most appropriate threat detection technologies for their business.

In addition to Juniper’s Spotlight Secure threat feeds (which includes attacker-device fingerprinting), other threat feeds can be incorporated into a “common feed” that can be used to, for instance, tell SRX firewalls to cut off command-and-control traffic or isolate infected systems.

Enhancements to the SRX firewall allow it to now consume and enforce policy based on the aggregated threat intelligence, including insight into the network gained from Metafabric, the data center architecture that Juniper introduced less than a year ago.

A new cloud analytics engine from Juniper helps make sense of network information and threat feeds. “The cloud analytics engine is a new solution that includes data collection, analysis and correlation tools, and it also includes a visualization component,” Chai said. “And really what this does is it allows network users to better understand the behaviour of their workloads and applications across both the physical and virtual networks.”

While the new security capabilities are largely geared towards enterprise customers, Juniper equipment is used by several web hosts including French cloud provider CloudWatt.

According to Chai, Juniper’s open and scalable approach to network security is appealing to many customers because changing technologies or adapting to new scale doesn’t necessarily mean the customer has to abandon their existing investment.

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