Joyent Names Scott Hammond, Former Cisco Cloud Exec, CEO

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Cloud infrastructure services company Joyent announced on Wednesday night that it has appointed Scott Hammond as CEO. Hammond will replace Henry Wasik as the outgoing CEO.

Wasik has served as Joyent CEO since November 2012. He joined the company about 10 months before Joyent co-founder and CTO Jason Hoffman stepped down.

As Joyent competes with VMware and OpenStack, having a solid leadership team and strategy will be critical. With a new CEO and sharpened focus on the exploding hybrid cloud market, Joyent will need a strong leader to bring it to the forefront of the conversation around hybrid cloud management.

Prior to Joyent, Hammond was VP of Strategy and Business Development for Cisco’s Cloud and Systems Management Technology Group. At Joyent, Hammond will be focused on accelerating growth with a focus on hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Before Cisco, Hammond was CEO of newScale, which was scooped up in an acquisition by Cisco in 2011. He also served as CEO of Digital Market Inc., which was acquired by Agile Software in 1999.

“Joyent has a massive market opportunity coming into the era of hybrid cloud adoption,” Hammond said. “Cloud computing is still in its infancy. It will explode as companies move to deploy the next generation of applications written for the cloud, in the cloud. Mobile applications are the largest segment of these applications and they are being written in node.js. These applications need a durable, scalable, high-performance stack that can be deployed on-prem or in a public cloud. Joyent’s container-based stack uniquely delivers these capabilities and lets customers have a consistent set of technology, tools, and processes for both their public and private cloud deployments.”

Earlier this week Joyent launched SmartDataCenter 7, a cloud management platform for private and hybrid cloud deployments. According to the company, SmartDataCenter 7 can be deployed in hours and includes multi-tenant security components like SmartLogin secure SSH key management.

“Despite all the hype, private cloud hasn’t meaningfully made its way into the data center because the options are limited. Operators have to choose between a kit cloud that requires the team to spend months researching every decision before they see a result, or legacy enterprise software that views ‘cloud’ as a mere re-branding opportunity,” Bryan Cantrill, CTO of Joyent said. “SmartDataCenter 7 is a complete product, and was designed from the ground up to provide the scalable, elastic, service-oriented infrastructure that today’s developers have come to expect.  Its architecture reflects our own experiences running it the Joyent public cloud, and our customers find that it is refreshingly easy to install and operate within the enterprise.”

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