Joyent Cloud Adds Platform Optimization, Support for Ubuntu Server Images

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Users of the Joyent Cloud platform now have access to platform-optimized and fully supported Ubuntu server images thanks to a partnership between Joyent and Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu Linux.

Cloud infrastructure and big data analytics provider Joyent announced Thursday that its cloud platform will give customers access to certified Ubuntu server images as well as a powerful cloud deployment, orchestration, and management suite.

Canonical has enhanced Ubuntu to take advantage of capabilities provided by Joyent Cloud such as an advanced security and authentication model as well as providing tools for faster initialization and configuration of the latest cloud images.

A core aspect of the partnership is that Joyent, the corporate steward of the open source Node.js project, will now be a responsible for a Node.js charm. “Charms”, in Canonical lingo, provide information needed to quickly deploy and configure services in Juju, Canonical’s open source cloud orchestration tool.

Other benefits include the ability to customize disk layout, formatting, and encryption all customized for the user at image provision time.

Customers will also have the option of purchasing Canonical-backed enhanced support for Ubuntu from Joyent. This gives customers a single vendor for all support needs when hosting on Joyent.

Canonical is preparing for Ubuntu 14.04, its upcoming release slated for April that will feature the long term (five year) support that many enterprises need to justify a technology change. Providing support for Ubuntu instances deployed on Joyent might convince enterprises that they can rely on Ubuntu to not only provide the advantages of it as a cloud platform, but also that they can get expert support when it comes to configurations and any problems that may arise

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