John Keagy, Founder of Cloud Host GoGrid, Returns to CEO Post After Eight Months

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Cloud hosting provider GoGrid announced that founder and chairman John Keagy will return to the role of CEO, replacing former CEO Warren T. Heffelfinger.

Keagy’s return comes at a critical time, as a strong sense of leadership is crucial to GoGrid in becoming a true leader in a market dominated by giants like Amazon and Rackspace. GoGrid has seen significant growth in the past year with its pure-play infrastructure-as-a-service, offering public cloud and private cloud infrastructure solutions, and recently expanded into the Europe.

Keagy left the top position in June, at which point the company appointed founding board member Heffelfinger to take over his role. At the time of the announcement, Heffelfinger outlined the company’s strategy and a need to “focus on flawless execution, high-quality service delivery and broad customer acquisition across many different segments to capitalize on exploding customer demand.”

It is entirely possible that GoGrid and Keagy, who was then named executive chairman, felt that Heffelfinger could have better realized this mandate within the last eight months.

“Really, this is about me,” said Keagy in a phone interview. “I own the business, I’m the founder. I’m passionate and I wanted to be back at the helm. Eight months ago, it was exciting to put a professional CEO at the helm. There are many founder-led businesses that have crossed that bridge. Then there are many founder-led businesses that have crossed that bridge and that have crossed it back again.”

As an Internet infrastructure pioneer, Keagy has built and sold several successful Internet service providers since 1991 and holds key technology patents. In the October 2010 issue of WHIR magazine on cloud opportunities, editor-in-chief Liam Eagle interviewed Keagy and chief marketing officer Jeff Samuels on their vision of the cloud.

The company also announced Thursday it has completed its SOC 1 Statement of Standards for Attestation Engagements No. 16 (SSAE 16) audit.

Developed in 2011 by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants to replace SAS 70, the audit report proves that GoGrid is financially reliable, but does not measure controls regarding data security, privacy, availability, processing integrity, or confidentiality, which SOC 2/3 does.

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