Java PaaS CloudBees Now Available on Verizon Cloud

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As part of its plan to add functionality to its new cloud computing and cloud storage platform, Verizon Enterprise Solutions’ has announced that Java application Platform-as-a-Service CloudBees is now available on the beta release of Verizon Cloud.

This agreement is part of Verizon’s ongoing strategy to add enterprise technologies to its cloud, yet, as Forbes has pointed out, its existing partnership with Cloud Foundry already provides native Java support via Spring. In its defense, however, CloudBees notes that its solution covers the entire application delivery lifecycle providing a more complete solution Verizon Cloud users.

Verizon Cloud was first announced in October and now offers public beta users two service: Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform Verizon Cloud Compute, and object-based storage service Verizon Cloud Storage.

“We are working with best-in-class enterprise technology companies to bring additional value to our customers above the core availability, performance and security we’ve built into Verizon Cloud,” Verizon Terremark CTO John Considine said in a statement. “CloudBees is a leading PaaS provider with an experienced team. We’re pleased to formalize this longstanding relationship with CloudBees and its proven service for our customers’ benefit.”

Verizon is positioning its cloud as an enterprise alternative to Amazon Web Services and Rackspace, providing hybrid-cloud-friendly features such as fast and secure network access. It also provides high-performance storage of up to 5,000 IOPS, and disk sharing between multiple virtual machines to allow clustering.

Following a number of acquisition announcements related to online video delivery (such as Edgecast Networks and upLynk), it’s interesting to see Verizon promoting its computing cloud in support of other companies’ various applications. Making inroads into the developer community by announcing its official support of CloudBees might help developers seriously consider Verizon to power their cloud services.

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