Jakarta Web Hosting Introduces MSSQL Server 2012 Hosting Services

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Indonesian web hosting company Jakarta Web Hosting announced on Monday it has launched MSSQL Server 2012-based hosting packages.

Code named “Denali”, the MSSQL Server 2012 is the first major version of the Microsoft database management software to be released since the company released SQL Server 2008 R2 in October 2010.

Windows Server hosting provider DiscountASP.NET launched in December a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 hosting beta program.

The database management software is available in three editions including Standard, Business Intelligence and Enterprise Edition.

The Standard edition is basic edition that is designed to perform the most basic analytical tasks, while Business Intelligence edition has some business intelligence functionality added to it.

The Enterprise edition is the most comprehensive edition of the three editions. It provides all the features of the other two editions, along with some features designed for wide-ranging applications.

Jakarta Web Hosting MSSQL Server 2012 hosting service manages all features that are important to manage and protect the company’s critical data, including Power View, which serves as a substitute for the Report Builder.

Clients will benefit from a software and hardware partner environment which provides solutions for every management requirements.

The MSSQL Server 2012 hosting packages at Jakarta Web Hosting are available with a high-level performance, nearly 100 percent up time, 24-hour chat support, and a 30 day money-back guarantee.

JakartaWebHosting provides a range of Windows and Linux hosting, web design and SEO services.

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