Italian web host Aruba is offering SiteLock to its customers

Italian Web Host Aruba Offers SiteLock Malware Scanning to Customers

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Online security provider SiteLock announced on Wednesday that Italian web hosting provider Aruba will provide its customers with SiteLock website security tools.

According to the press release, Aruba is Italy’s largest web hosting provider, and has more than 2 million hosting and domain registration customers.

SiteLock website security services include malware removal and detection, blacklist monitoring, and application and vulnerability scanning. In February, SiteLock president Neill Feather presented a demo on the WHIR of the interface of its website security scanning tools.

Web hosts have been partnering with third-party website security providers to offer customers protection against malware, which is prevalent among WordPress users especially. While a lot of web hosts are offering it for free, some are also charging a nominal monthly fee for these types of services.

The Aruba Group provides online services including domain name registration, online advertising, application housing, ecommerce and a variety of hosting solutions. With such a wide range of clients, Aruba says its combined customer base totals more than 8 million.

It has offices in eight countries across Europe, and hosts more than 1.25 million pages and 25,000 new web hosting clients per month.

“Website security tools are a must-have in today’s online world, and we’re thrilled to partner with the Aruba Group expand our online security footprint in the European market,” executive VP of business development for SiteLock, Tom Serani, said in a statement. “Aruba’s history and expertise in the hosting community is the perfect match for our Internet security products, and we are happy to be the ones to help complete their comprehensive, business-focused online services.”

Aruba says it will use OpenSRS reseller platform to deliver and manage the SiteLock service.

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