Irish Web Host LetsHost Expands Hosting Services to UK, US, Australia

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Irish web hosting company LetsHost announced on Friday that it has expanded its hosting locations in the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia where it is providing shared, reseller and VPS hosting packages to customers in these regions.

Ireland is currently a hotspot for web hosting and data center activity, with Dublin being home to Amazon’s, Microsoft’s, and Google’s respective AWS, Azure, and Apps for Business cloud computing infrastructures.

As with its Dublin-based services, LetsHost is providing reliable server infrastructures and experienced support teams in these additional regions of the greater UK, US and Australia. Customers can now choose servers based in Ireland, UK, US or Australia for their shared and dedicated web hosting needs.

LetsHost provides customers with the ability to manage multiple websites, including those with IP addresses in different countries, through a single control panel and under one account.

The company has kept its pricing for shared, reseller and VPS hosting packages consistent all across its server locations.

Customers may also target online visitors in specific regions by obtaining US, European and Australian domain registrations through LetsHost.

“We are ready to meet the demands of our clients who are establishing or expanding their businesses with a focus on particular markets,” said Graeme Conkie, director at LetsHost. “Region-specific web hosting can be especially important to companies who want a competitive online presence. So we are giving our clients expanded options as they choose their website hosting locations.”

Since 2003, LetsHost has provided both local Irish hosting and multi-regional services in a secure environment, including shared hosting, dedicated hosting, reseller hosting, and cloud VPS hosting.

LetsHost recently launched its free text message service to send customers reminders about their billing

Talk Back: Do you currently offer multiple geographical servers for your web hosting services? Do you see a value in offering geographical segregated locations for your hosting services? Let us know in the comments.

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