Irish domain registrars want .ie domains to be cheaper, and .ie transfer more secure

Irish Domain Registrars Call for .ie Policy Changes, Plan Meeting to Discuss Security Issues

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Irish domain registrars will meet in late March to discuss changes to the .ie domain registry policies, which the group believes to be restrictive, expensive and insecure, according to a report by Silicon Republic on Thursday.

This news comes a day after Irish web hosting provider and domain registrar LetsHost launched its free text message service to send customers reminders about their billing.

Led by .ie domain registrars SpiralHosting and WebWorld, the group will hold an open forum on March 30 in Dublin to talk about whether the current .ie registration policy is too strict, the security of .ie transfers, whether .ie domains are too expensive and the current relationship between registrars and the IEDR, the .ie domain registry.

According to the report, an email sent to all .ie registrars about the meeting claims a number of registrars have seen domains transferred without their permission, and registrars are unhappy that a price reduction introduced last year wasn’t continued.

Web hosts that offer .ie domains may have already seen the email. The meeting may be worth attending to discuss the concerns, particularly those surrounding security. Last year, Go Daddy was ordered to pay compensation after it transferred a domain to a wrongful owner.

“At present, if you’re an Irish person or business you have to provide a claim to a domain name and provide supporting documentation such as signed letters, photographic I.D., samples of website designs and photocopies of any business brochures,” a press spokesperson from Spiral Hosting told the WHIR via email on Friday. “We believe that these policies are excessive and that they’re currently restricting Irish businesses from fully prospering online. We think the .ie domain space should be much more open and accessible to Irish people.” The Spiral Hosting spokesperson, commenting on request of anonymity, says that Spiral Hosting will release more information and official comments in the coming weeks.

According to IEDR, the total number of .ie domains reached 173,145 by the end of 2011, an increase of 12.9 percent since 2010.

A report released by IEDR last year found that only two thirds of Irish businesses had websites and only 21 percent of those businesses with websites had ecommerce capability. The IEDR says that while the .ie registrar community and Irish Internet stakeholders have helped spread the message of the untapped potential of Internet sales, it will roll out further initiatives in 2012 to raise awareness and provide dedicated support to Irish SMEs.

“While growth of the .ie domain continues there is still significant untapped potential in the market for Irish businesses – to establish and grow their e-business through online sales and for those currently with an online portal, to further exploit the benefits of what is a 24/7 sales channel without borders,” IEDR CEO David Curtain said in a statement in January. “The IEDR will, as part of its commitment to managing Ireland’s top level domain in the interests of the Irish internet community, continue to play its part in providing a leadership role in both raising awareness of this important issue and running targeted initiatives to support Irish SMEs reach their online potential.”

Spiral Hosting opened new offices in Belfast in November 2011, shortly after acquiring Irish hosting provider Fresh Hosting.

Talk back: Are you an .ie domain registrar? What is your take on the IEDR policies? Do you think that they could be changed to make transfers more secure, and be cheaper for customers? Let us know in the comment section.

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