Internap Launches OpenStack-Based Public Cloud, Attains VMware vCloud Status

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Colocation provider Internap Network Services ( announced on Thursday it has launched what it says is the world’s first commercially available public cloud compute service based on the OpenStack ( open source platform.

Internap first unveiled in May it is preparing to launch a public infrastructure as a service cloud, built in part on the OpenStack cloud computing platform software.

Internap’s Open Public Cloud compute service provides “high-performance, on-demand provisioning and scaling of enterprise computing capacity to meet changing web and application demands,” said the company.

The OpenStack platform offers a set of standardized APIs allowing customers to use the cloud without being locked in to a single provider.

The Open Public Cloud complements Internap’s Custom Public Cloud, a VMware-based compute cloud.

These public cloud compute services build on Internap’s private cloud services and its recently introduced OpenStack-based cloud storage service.

Internap’s global performance IP network includes a 100 percent uptime SLA, which is fully-integrated with its cloud services to ensure seamless access and an optimized experience for end users.

“Enterprises moving to the cloud want the ability to select services that meet their specific control, security and cost requirements rather than a ‘one size fits all’ option,” said Paul Carmody, senior vice president of product management and business development at Internap. “As an active member of the OpenStack open source community and a provider of VMware vCloud Powered services, Internap offers enterprises maximum flexibility with public cloud, private cloud and a scalable cloud storage service. This allows customers to ‘future-proof’ cloud investments, moving from one cloud platform to another or using a hybrid approach as priorities and business needs evolve.”

In a Q&A interview published earlier this year, Carmody discussed the development and release of Internap’s IaaS cloud platform, as well as its participation in the OpenStack community.

Internap also announced it is participating in VMware Service Provider Program and that both its public and private cloud services have achieved VMware vCloud Powered status.

As part of the VMware partner ecosystem, Internap delivers public and private cloud services that are VMware vCloud Powered, providing enterprise customers with the benefits of VMware virtualization in a completely managed cloud environment.

Internap is now offering two services using VMwares vCloud Director. Virtual Private Cloud service allows customers to reserve compute, memory and storage resources with the flexibility to tailor each virtual machine instance to meet organizational needs.

Internap’s Custom Public Cloud service provides customers seeking on-demand usage with utility-based billing a chstomized solution that address changing infrastructure requirements.

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