Intel and Cloudera Introduce Open Source Cybersecurity Project Apache Spot

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Intel and Cloudera have donated a machine learning threat intelligence project, called Apache Spot, to the Apache Software Foundation. The project, formerly known as Open Network Insights (ONI), was announced at the Strata+Hadoop World conference in New York on Wednesday.

Cloudera says Apache Spot uses its data management and analytics platform on Apache Hadoop, and Apache Spark for machine learning with nearly instant anomaly detection based on deep packet inspection of DNS traffic. Spot enables cross-application data integration with common open data models for network, endpoint, and user to improve network visibility and analytic functionality.

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The open data models will also facilitate threat collaboration – long recognized as desirable, but with limited adoption. Spot can also be used as a cybersecurity analytics framework for the development of new security applications, somewhat as Cloudera Distribution Hadoop (CDH) has, according to Cloudera.

“The open source community is the perfect environment for Apache Spot to take a collective, peer-driven approach to fighting cybercrime,” Ron Kasabian, vice president and general manager, Analytics & Artificial Intelligence Solutions Group at Intel Corporation said in a statement. “The combined expertise of contributors will help further Apache Spot’s open data model vision and provide the grounds for collaboration on the world’s toughest and constantly evolving challenges in cybersecurity analytics.”

The ONI project was launched by Cloudera and Intel in February, and has been contributed to by Centrify, Cloudwick, eBay, Webroot, and other organizations.

“The idea is, let’s create a common data model that any application developer can take advantage of to bring new analytic capabilities to bear on cybersecurity problems,” Mike Olson, Cloudera co-founder and chief strategy officer, told the audience, as quoted by Computerworld. “This is a big deal, and could have a huge impact around the world.”

In addition to detecting anomalous network traffic, Spot can reduce the mean time to incident detection and resolution (MTTR), reducing the cost of a successful attack, and can also improve the effectiveness of threat hunting algorithms and the speed of queries, according to a Cloudera blog post.

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