InfoRelay Online System Launches Cloud Hosting Platform SnapScale v2.1

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Web hosting and data center provider InfoRelay Online Systems announced on Tuesday it has released its cloud hosting platform, SnapScale V2.1, which  provides customers with a virtual hosting environment that can scale on-demand and incorporates multiple layers of network security and data protection.

The move comes a few months after InfoRelay Online Systems expanded its network infrastructure in the Chicago data center ORD1 to meet the growing customer demand.

SnapScale brings an additional layer of infrastructure redundancy to InfoRelay’s suite of services, reinforcing clients’ disaster recovery systems.

The platform also serves as a standalone hosting solution for small and medium-business, enterprise, and compliance-seeking organizations.

The SnapScale Cloud provides remote virtual computing in public, private and hybrid environments for hosting email servers, websites, databases, backup and data storage, and enterprise applications.

Following the successful launch of its V1 series of Cloud platforms, InfoRelay says it spent over a year engineering an “even more advanced, secure, and redundant hosting environment” using its Northern Virginia-area data center infrastructure.

Using a web-based interface, the platform’s remote hosting environment allows clients to turn up and turn down virtual machines on an as-needed basis.

The platform’s billing structure allows users to pay on an as-needed basis, making it easier for end-users and reducing excess.

“The initial capital investment needed to turn up physical network systems in any hosting environment can be very costly,” said InfoRelay senior systems administrator and lead cloud engineer Marc Kaplan. “The SnapScale cloud platform relieves companies of this burden. InfoRelay provides all of the physical and logical amenities needed to engineer a highly secure and fully redundant remote IT system. InfoRelay maintains the data center real estate, cooling infrastructure, network and power redundancy, fire suppression, storage arrays and hypervisors. InfoRelay leveraged the large investments it had previously made in redundant network systems and secure data center infrastructure to offer a more competitive solution for clients that require highly-secure hosting solutions and a simplified billing structure.”

The SnapScale Cloud provides infrastructure as a service in the first stage of its rollout, and will soon be released as a platform as a service.

InfoRelay also recently announced disaster recovery consulting and planning as a service in February of 2013, which now encompasses the SnapScale V2.1 Cloud Platform.

SnapScale aligns with other data center solutions such as colocation hosting, dedicated servers, server and desktop backup, and bandwidth to provide a comprehensive solution for clients’ IT Continuity of Operations and Disaster Recovery Plans.

InfoRelay Online Systems recently relocated its headquarters from its current location of Sterling, Virginia to a larger office in Herndon, Virginia.

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