Indian Web Host ZNetLive Launches Public Cloud Server Offering Based on OpenStack

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ZNetLive, the web hosting division of Indian IT provider ZNet Technologies Pvt. Ltd., has launched a range of cloud server offerings based on open-source cloud operating system OpenStack. This provides adjustable resources for users on a pay-per-use basis.

ZNetLive’s OpenStack based cloud servers are available starting at USD 6/Mo (or 375 Indian Rupees) for an “XXSmall” instance with 256 MB of RAM, one virtual CPU, 10 GB of storage and 200 GB of bandwidth. It supports, by default, the CentOS, Ubuntu and Fedora Linux operating system images.

Based on the most current stable version of OpenStack (“Icehouse”), ZNetLive cloud servers are able to scale up or down based on the resource requirements of customers.

“We decided to use OpenStack cloud platform for our cloud server platform following a thorough research by ZNetLive technical team,” ZNetLive founder and CEO Munesh Jadoun said in a statement. “OpenStack scored over multiple other platforms available in the market in various fields, including automation, scalability, availability of features, speed with which final product is delivered, robustness and availability of latest versions.”

OpenStack is the open-source software behind several cloud services, and has been adopted heavily by global companies including Dreamhost, Rackspace, and GoDaddy. And with India being the highly competitive and low-margin market it is, the fact that ZNetLive is putting its confidence in OpenStack should be considered quite significant.

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