Indian Web Host ZNet Offers Technical and Hiring Support Services

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–- Indian hosting provider ZNet Technologies ( announced last week it has launched ZNetsupport ( to offer dedicated 24-hour server, technical and sales support services to the global clientele.

This is the second international venture ZNet has launched in the past three consecutive months, following the launch of its international website, ZNetlive.

The new services can be outsourced to web hosting companies for hiring dedicated personnel to manage their technical and sales services.

The company says that the new services will focus on providing three types of services of technical services, technical hiring and sales hiring.

ZNet stated that technical services will include server administration, initial server setup, server monitoring, server backup and VPS administration.

The technical and sales hiring will be provided for three levels – Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 — with each level providing an increasing degree of technical/sales services.

“To excel in providing technological/sales manpower solutions, ZNetsupport will serve as an experienced support partner for web hosting companies,” says ZNet Technologies CEO Munesh Jadoun. “Our 10-plus years of experience in the web hosting industry gives us the competencies required for starting this new venture. We have been the India’s fastest growing company is sure to replicate the same success for ZNetsupport too.”

The company says that the rigorous hiring process provides hosting companies with “manpower that is not just technically sound but professionally groomed too.” 

ZNetsupport differentiates itself from other support partners by offering experts with two-plus years of experience.

Last month, ZNet became a Gold Partner of Parallels, allowing it to provide shared web hosting and virtual private servers to businesses in India using Parallels Plesk Panel 10 and Parallels Virtuozzo Containers.

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