In Golden Era of Development, Business is Good for Web Professionals

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Demand for web professionals continues to grow, as nearly four out of five developers and designers report client growth of 25 percent or more a year, according to a report released Thursday by Evans Data.

In a survey of 1,500 web designers and developers in the U.S., U.K., Germany, India, Brazil, and Mexico commissioned by GoDaddy, Evans found that roughly one in three respondents had client growth of over 50 percent, and the same number have revenues of over $500,000, even though half have been in the business for less than five years.

“Two decades after general internet adoption, this research indicates that the ‘Golden Era’ of web development and design shows no sign of slowing down,” Raghu Murthi, SVP of Hosting and Pro at GoDaddy said in a statement. “But the research also provides lessons to new web professionals on the importance of continued learning and the need to manage growth and focus on looking where your next clients will come from.”

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Selling new services to existing clients is the primary driver of growth, at 40 percent, followed by providing support to existing clients (31 percent), new clients (21 percent), and reselling third-party products or services (7 percent).

The retail and travel sectors are driving growth in most of the countries surveyed, but in India the creative, education, and health care/fitness are the top three sectors, according to the survey. The research also showed that 72 percent of developers and designers in the U.S. work from home, while most of those in India, Germany, and the U.K. work in offices.

Another regional difference is in approach to keeping up with the industry. Online training courses are popular in all countries represented, but nearly twice as many web professionals in the U.S. read industry publications (60 percent), as in Mexico (32 percent) or Brazil (31 percent). Similarly, conferences and meet-ups are significantly more popular in India than in Mexico, Germany, or the U.K.

The growth in demand is driving demand among web professionals for certification programs, with 83 percent in support of the establishment of one focused on developers and designers.

The survey also explored pain points for developers, and while having too many roles was the most common complaint, it was cited by 38 percent, and nine other pain points were reported by 29 percent or more, suggesting that many or most are beset by a basket of minor problems and frustrations. Finding quality education material was identified as a pain point by 31 percent, and addressing it could potentially help mitigate some of the others.

Demand for skills training and certification is also in high demand at IT service companies and enterprise IT departments.

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