IgnitionDeck Acquires Fundify and CrowdPress to Help Customers Build WordPress-based Crowdfunding Campaigns

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WordPress-based commerce solution provider IgnitionDeck announced on Monday that it recently acquired two crowdfunding tools: Fundify and CrowdPress. The terms of either acquistion have not been disclosed.

Launched in 2012, Fundify allows fundraisers to host multiple crowdfunding projects simultaneously. The CrowdPress design theme provides a customizable front-end to Fundify’s functionality.

By building a no-fee crowdfunding website on WordPress, rather than using Kickstarter or Indiegogo, fundraisers get to keep all of the money they raise and own the relationship with their users.

For web hosts, the acquisitions are interesting in that they show some demand for crowdfunding tools built into the website creation process. While crowdfunding remains relatively uncommon (only 3 percent of small business owners in the US report using crowdfunding to obtain startup capital), it could be something that web hosts start thinking about addressing as it becomes a more popular way for small businesses to receive grassroots funding.

IgnitionDeck will continue offering support and development to Fundify and Crowdpress, treating them as standalone products and fostering their existing active communities.

“The IgnitionDeck and Astoundify teams have had multiple positive interactions. During one recent conversation, we began toying with the idea of bringing Fundify into the IgnitionDeck product suite. Within weeks, both teams knew it was the right thing to do, agreed on the terms, and shook hands,” IgnitionDeck co-founder Nathan Hangen said.

Earlier this year, Indiegogo announced a feature, called Indiegogo Outpost, that would enable campaigns to be embedded in a host website. However, the feature hasn’t been released yet, and would still give Indiegogo a chunk of the funds raised.

WordPress tools and optimized hosting products have received more attention as of late, with more investments in WordPress hosting offerings from companies including Media Temple, 1&1 and Parallels. Recently, Endurance International Group quietly invested in WordPress parent company Automattic.

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