ICANN Delegates More than 100 New gTLDs to Root Zone

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This week ICANN announced that more than 100 new gTLDs have been delegated into the DNS root zone, one of the final steps before registries can begin accepting registrations for new gTLDs.

In October, ICANN delegated the first new gTLDs to their approved domain registries, starting with non-latin scripts. Over the past few months, ICANN has been steadily delegating new strings, and its most recent batch includes .CLUB, .GUITARS, and .PHOTO.

The delegations are one of the final steps in beginning to accept registrations for new gTLDs, a process that has been years in the making since ICANN first approved the new gTLDs in 2011. The road to delegating the new strings hasn’t been easy, as concerns around name collisions and brand protection have been top of mind for web hosts and businesses.

“There are now almost five times more generic Top-Level Domains than there were only a few months ago and that translates to greater consumer choice,” Akram Atallah, President of ICANN’s Global Domains Division said in a statement. “We are as eager as everyone else to see what type of innovation these new domains will usher into the online world.”

ICANN will continue to delegate new gTLDs on a regular basis, according to the press release. The full list of delegated new gTLD strings can be found on its website.


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