ICANN may not reveal the approved gTLDS until the end of June at its meeting in Prague

ICANN Application Bug May Push New gTLD Reveal to June

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The new gTLDs could be revealed as late as June 29, according to a report on Monday. In an interview with Domain Incite, ICANN CEO Rod Beckstrom says he hopes to host the reveal before he steps down from his role on July 1, 2012.

Applicants were initially expecting to hear if their applications were successful on Monday, but by last week, ICANN had pushed the reveal date to sometime in May. Now, applicants could be waiting until the ICANN 44 meeting in Prague on June 29th before hearing whether or not their applications were successful.

Beckstrom was quick to clarify that the deadline was a personal goal, not necessarily a commitment from the organization to meet the June deadline. He says he is pushing for a timely resolution of the issue, but that the quality of the program is more important to those involved than a specific date and time.

A technical glitch discovered early April forced ICANN to take its application system offline. ICANN continues to probe what happened to the TAS that caused applicants to see files names and user names of other applicants.

ICANN still hasn’t notified users whether or not they were affected by the TAS bug, but plans to do so by next Tuesday, May 8.

While TAS will not reopen immediately after the notifications have been sent, when it is opened it will be for five business days so applicants can finish uploading applications and confirm that data has not been corrupted.

ICANN says the bug was not a security issue, and rather much like other software bugs. In an interview with the WHIR last week, Adam Eisner, director, OpenSRS product management, said there can be a tendency to over-engineer things when building a complex system like this.

The delay has been frustrating for many, and Beckstrom is sympathetic to applicants. He says while the delay of a few months is “undesirable”, a glitch can be expected in a nine-year process.

“Obviously any time you have a software problem or technical problem with any program you come under enhanced security and criticism, and I think that’s understandable, that’s fair,” Beckstrom tells Domain Incite. “What we’re focused on is resolving this successfully and I think ICANN has dealt with many challenges in its past successfully and we’re committed to resolve this issue professionally.”

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  1. John James

    Which will come first? TAS will be operational or the deadline to respond to RFP SA1301-12-RP-0043 to manage and maintain Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), currently awarded to ICANN, issued by the US Department of Commerce. Ask Rod that question.