Dyn says the acquisition of Trendslide will allow it to expand its services to include mobile data and analytics offerings for online businesses

IaaS Provider Dyn Acquires Trendslide to Offer Mobile Data and Analytics Tool

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Infrastructure as a service provider Dyn announced on Monday that it has acquired mobile dashboard app startup Trendslide for an undisclosed amount.

Dyn says the acquisition of Trendslide will allow it to expand its services to include mobile data and analytics offerings for online businesses. In addition to acquiring the IP, Trendslide co-founder Benjamin Petrin will join Dyn as a lead developer, tools, to focus on mobile experiences for its customers.

While Trendslide was initially intended as a sales and marketing tool, it will be repositioned as a DevOps tool for Dyn customers.

Rather than building out a mobile app by developing a similar technology in-house, Dyn opted to acquire Trendslide, which is a common approach for hosting or cloud companies who have are looking at extending their mobile offerings. Earlier this year, Go Daddy acquired mobile website builder app M.dot.

Trendslide collects data from the websites and apps users already use to compile a graph that shows them whether their key metrics are trending up, flattening out, or trending down. Dyn plans to integrate historical DNS and email data into Trendslide, as well as third party services like Gomez and New Relic.

As recent research by Rackspace shows, nearly three quarters of employees in the US and UK are demanding more business-level mobile apps from their employers, and plan on spending more on mobile tools over the next year, which makes Dyn’s acquisition of Trendslide particularly timely.

Dyn says its latest acquisition, combined with its acquisition of website monitoring provider Verelo last year, as well as numerous hires in the DevOps area, show its commitment to being a leading voice in the DevOps community.

“At the root of Dyn has always been our excellence in engineering,” Kyle York, Dyn chief revenue officer said in a statement. “We are committed to creating tools that answer the questions of engineers and members of the DevOps community throughout the world. The acquisition of Trendslide is a big step toward that guarantee.”

Dyn chief technology officer Cory von Wallenstein was the original investor in Trendslide, and helped the startup — also based in New Hampshire — gain early traction.

“This is a great home for the future of the Trendslide application,” Ron Martin, Trendslide CEO said in a statement. “As we were looking to raise capital, it was the common opinion of many VCs that this service should stay close to Dyn and focus on infrastructure — not on marketing and sales analytics. It was good advice, so we decided this was the sensible move. We are happy with this outcome and excited to see the product carry on.”

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